What is a Spyra-Gyra?

Spiralize vegetables for salads, garnishes to cook

Why a Spyra-Gyra

Why Spiral Slicer

Look Good

One of the best reasons for probably owning a Spyra-Gyra is to be able to prepare fresh fruits and vegetables in creative ways so that they can be enjoyed by everyone from young to old. Raw fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients,  dietary fibres, have a high water content  and are low in calories, carbohydrates and only contain natural sugars. These are all key components for weight loss. By spiralizing your fruit and vegetables, naturally you consume more raw fruits and vegetables than you would, without even noticing. This small change in the way you prepare your food results in you consuming more foods from nature and less processed foods. When you eat what the body needs you have more energy, a great motivating factor for exercising.

More is well... More

When you eat a fruit or vegetable whole, it seems to just disappear and when you chop, dice or slice you barely get half a cup full. With the spiralizer, one cucumber or zucchini can yield a bowl or bowls (depending on the size of your bowl) of spiral vegetables.This way, vegetables and fruits go a long way, so you basically consume a lesser amount of whole vegetables, while feeling like you’re eating a big portion, on account of shape of the spiralized vegetables. With a spiralizer you are definitely able to make your money stretch further   – just an example, one large cucumber  is enough for two adults or 3 small children to enjoy in noodle form.


This is probably my favourite reason of owning a Spyra-Gyra. The first time I saw spiralized noodles, I couldn't believe that it was raw vegetables. The texture and consistency of spiralized vegetables is the same as the regular noodles and you can still make the creamy noodles that you want only with these, your tastebuds and your waistline both benefit.

All lifestyle friendly

Whether you want to cook, fry, boil or just enjoy a raw spiral salad, spiralized vegetables and fruits are versatile as you can use them in the way you prefer (although we do recommend consuming your fresh fruits and vegetables raw as this has a much higher nutritional benefit). Spiralized vegetables are also helpful for people who are sensitive to gluten as raw vegetables are gluten free.

Environmental awareness

Spiralizing lends itself to shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables at fruit and vegetable stores where local vegetables are in abundance at affordable prices. These also tend to be the best looking, especially the organic produce. By purchasing your produce locally or even using produce that is in your garden, you do your share in preserving and protecting our beautiful world. You also expose yourself to the variety of produce that is available season after season. The possibilities with spiralizing are just limitless.

Children in the kitchen

Children love to experiment with food and the best way to get them involved in enjoying their food, especially their vegetables is to involve them in the preparation of the vegetables. With a spiralizer you definitely wont go wrong, kids love watching the fruit or vegetables turn into noodles or ribbons...for them this might as well be magic. Just ensure that as the parent you ensure that you supervise as the blades of Spyra-Gyra are sharp. By being involved in food preparation especially with a Spyra-Gyra your children will learn healthy habits while having fun – it simply doesn't get better than that.

Let out your 'inner creative'

Naturally as humans we always want to try something new, do something different, inspire something different. Spiralizing stretches your creative capabilities so that you come up with creative meals for vegetables and fruits.  Each vegetable has its own texture and flavour and there are so many varieties to combine to get different tastes and textures. Therefore you can invent or re-invent already existing recipes by just changing produce around.

Easy Peasy

Spiralizing produce takes seconds to prepare. In a mere couple of minutes, you can have ready-to-eat noodles, salads and even stir fry's. Since vegetables take less time than rice or grain pasta to cook, spiralizing is naturally quicker!  The act of spiralizing is easy and is suitable for all levels of cooks from beginner to the professional cook.