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What is a Mandoline Slicer?

A Mandoline slicer is a kitchen tool that is designed to assist every cook in cutting up produce.  Invented in the 18th century, a Mandoline slicer cuts even slices every time with less skill and effort required, than if cutting with a knife or any other cutting blade. Slices can be thin or thick depending on your preference.

It is made from food grade plastic and stainless steel with two parallel surfaces, the one surface can be adjusted in height to adjust the thickness of the slices, which is important for foods that are dehydrated, baked or even fried to ensure that each slice is cooked evenly. A food item is slid along the adjustable surface (using a finger protector) until it reaches the blade on the fixed surface slicing it.

Most Mandoline slicers are provided with other blades that are perpendicular to the main blade which are attached or mounted so you are able to cut produce into strips. The additional blades on some Mandolines also make slices with waffle cuts, crinkle cuts and are excellent for dicing firm fruit and vegetables.