Why an Oscar Juicer?

The Oscar Juicer is a vegetable/ leafy greens juicer
The Oscar Juicer can juice any type of vegetable; these juices provide ultimate health benefits of juicing.
Why Oscar Juicers
The Oscar Juicer is a fruit juicer
 Excellent for juicing firm fruit such as hard apples and pears.
Why Oscar Juicers
The Oscar Juicer is a wheatgrass juicer
Wheatgrass is rich in amino acids, vitamins and chlorophyll. Giving you the essential nutrients your body needs in one glass.
Why Oscar Juicers
The Oscar Juicer can make baby food
Using the blank screen, the Oscar Juicer will crush and puree cooked food and soft raw fruit. Providing healthy, nutritious baby food, free of preservatives, colourants and additives.
Why Oscar Juicers
The Oscar Juicer is a pasta maker
The Oscar Juicer can make pasta. Using dough, a blank screen and pasta making nozzles you can make spaghetti, fettuccine etc.
Why Oscar Juicers
Sufficiently grinds coffee beans to powder
The Oscar Juicer is capable of grinding any type of grain and your choice of coffee beans.
Why Oscar Juicers
Crush herbs and spices
Make a wide range of delicious meals with crushed garlic, ginger, chilies and herbs.
Why Oscar Juicers.
The Oscar Juicer can make frozen desserts
The Oscar Juicer can make healthy frozen desserts as an alternative to chemical laden store bought ice cream and frozen sorbets. Frozen desserts made with the Oscar Juicer are natural with no added food colouring and preservatives.
Why Oscar Juicers
Raw food delights
Using the blank screen, you can create delicious patés, salsa and more. Combined with a dehydrator you can make dehydrated raw cookies and patties.
Why Oscar Juicers
Juicing technology

The Oscar Juicer is known as one of the first juicers to introduce a single auger/screw that has had progressive improvements over the years. The Oscar Juicer rotates at 63 -80 rpm, producing no heat around the auger and ensuring a living juice without any loss of enzymes or nutrients. The patented design of the auger/screw, juicing strainer and drum creates a significant force which results in maximum juice, increased vitamin content and minimum pulp. The current 3-stage auger/screw has proved to be most effective in extracting juice from numerous plants and fruits and giving the highest yield.

Stage 1 - Here in compartment 1, the auger/screw takes in the food in large sections and gently but firmly breaks it into reasonable pieces so that the food content is pushed into compartment 2.

Stage 2 - In this section the food content is then broken down further, being crushed into small pieces.

Stage 3 - This is where the extraction happens. In this final stage, the fine pieces are forced against the wall of the drum cap literally crushing the juice out of the fruit/vegetable/herb or grass. The juice passes through the juicing strainer and the dry pulp is ejected through the opening in the drum cap.

Normal speed juicers and blenders destroy large numbers of life giving enzymes in the juice by subjecting them to heat, metal cutting blades and high speed centrifugal rotation. Rotating at a low rpm, the Oscar Juicer produces no heat and ensures a living juice without any loss of enzymes or nutrients.

Those living enzymes provide a fresh and vital juice which retains appearance, flavour and nutrients for many hours when stored in the refrigerator. Juice from conventional juicers deteriorates very quickly.

More reasons why an Oscar is a superior name in slow juicing
  • Oscar Juicers are in the class of 'slow' juicers since they operate at a speed range of 63- 80 rpm depending on the model. The powerful motor chews the plant fibers and penetrates membrane of produce to extract minerals, enzymes and nutrients. You get all this goodness in a tasty cup of juice.
  • Juicing is continuous and the pulp is automatically ejected.
  • No heat build up plus quiet operation.
  • Built in "reverse" to prevent clogging.
  • More than a juicer - the Oscar Juicer also includes a blank screen also know as a processing strainer for purees, baby food and more.
  • High juice yield and a very dry pulp.
  • User friendly - this is one of the easiest juicers to assemble, use and clean.
  • Optional attachment - ice crusher/slicer.

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