Super Blending is a blending.... just better.

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Why Super Blend?



If you have ever tried to enjoy a green smoothie from a restaurant and it has the creamiest velvety taste and then tried to recreate that same texture at home with a standard blender you know the feeling of sorting out chunky vegetable bits in your mouth. The creamiest texture is only possible with a real Super Blender, whether you are blending a soup (from raw vegetables), making a nut butter or a whole-food smoothie. Due to a number of factors such as the design of the jug, the shape of the blade, the power of the motor, and the very helpful tamper, a true Super Blender always provides the smoothest, creamiest results when required or chunky processing if that is what you need. The creamiest texture is only possible with a Super Blender whether you are blending a soup, making a nut butter or a smoothie. Due to a number of factors such as the design of the jug and tamper, the shape of the blade, the power of the motor, a Super Blender always provides the smoothest, creamiest results when required or a chunky processing if that is what you need.

Why a Super Blender


When it comes to blades, Super Blender blades are made from high quality stainless steel. The shape is usually a wide shape which not only cuts the produce but also pulverizes it resulting in the best quality blends.

Blender settings

A Super Blender is more than just a blender as it is also able to:

Stir - to get just the correct texture for a milkshake or a soup or even a creamy nut butter your Super Blender will have to have a setting or speed adjustment that allows you to control the quality of your blend.

Puree - A Super Blender is capable of making creamy purees out of raw vegetables and eliminate any vegetable chunks that are found in purees made with an average blender.

Mix - Sometimes you do not want a very fine blend, most Super Blenders have a pulse function that just mixes your ingredients so you can still keep a thicker texture.

Chop - Super Blenders have variable settings that are flexible enough to chop fruit and vegetable portions for those recipes that do not require a complete puree such as salsa.


vitamix jug

Jug design

A Super Blender jug is designed to withstand different temperatures and hard ingredients without cracking (of course they should be used with the given instructions for the different temperatures). The jug will then be made from food safe Tritan or Polycarbonate. The jug also has a firm grip that sits onto the motor base so that it does not move or slide while in operation. The lid and lid plug allows you to safely add ingredients while in operation.

The shape of a blender jar can affect the quality of the blend. Super Blenders tend to have a wider design at the top that narrows towards the bottom. This type of design ensures a more efficient blend as it creates a vortex action that pulls the ingredients into the blade the same way a tornado pulls everything to the centre.

Why a Super Blender

Variable Speed

Super Blenders will have variable speeds which give you more control over the end result of the food that you are making. Some recipes require a lower speed while others require a higher speed. An average blender usually does not give this flexibility.


One of the reasons why a Super Blender is a worthwhile investment is that it has a high wattage (which can range from 1000 -2000 watts), this is an important factor especially if you want a blender that will do more than basic smoothies. Performance based on wattage is as follows:

300 watts - A blender with 300 watts will do basic blending but the power is only enough to blend softer produce such as milk, yoghurt, bananas etc.

500 watts - This will give a better performance compared to the 300 watts. It will possibly provide a better quality smoothie and be able to do other things like purees and sauces and dips but when it comes to tasks such as crushing ice or grinding grains into flour a 500 watt blender does not have enough power to complete the task in a satisfactory manner.

1000 -2000 watts - When you want to pulverise your ingredients to the finest result possible then your blender has to be a Super Blender with a minimum wattage of 1000 watts. Such a high powered blender will not only be able to make smoothies but it will crush coffee beans and bring soups to a steaming point in just minutes.

Horse Power

The powerful motor which can range from 2HP -3HP in a Super Blender propels the blade tip speed up to 300 kilometres per hour (depending on the horsepower of the blender). This kind of power pulverizes even the toughest veggies, nuts and other ingredients without breaking a sweat.

Why a Super Blender

Availability of spares

Most Super Blenders come with a lengthy warranty due to the strong motor. Stockists have confidence in the blender and they tend to stock the spares for the blender.