Oscar Juicer Tips

Oscar juicer tips

  • postCut all your produce beforehand so that it fits into your feeding tube. Cutting up the produce also aids in ensuring that the juice is extracted more thoroughly.
  • When choosing fruits to juice in an Oscar Juicer, go for firm fruits as these produce a better quality juice compared to soft fruits which will produce a juice with a high pulp content.
  • If the produce jams or blocks while the Oscar Juicer is still in process or the machine stops operating, wait for the motor to come to a complete stop. Once the motor stops, press the reverse button 2 or 3 times and press the on button again to resume operation.
  • How to remove juice stains - Soak the parts in bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar or citric acid. Olive oil is also effective. Remember that vegetable stains are on the inside of the machine where no one sees them and vegetable stains are safe.
  • If the Oscar Juicer starts to vibrate slightly during operation, turn off the machine and empty the front end. Reassemble and resume operation.
  • Once you have placed the last bit of your produce for the juice, keep the Oscar Juicer running for a couple of seconds to ensure that the last drops of juice is extracted.
  • Do not run the Oscar Juicer for more than 30 minutes at one go.
  • Do not place any foreign objects into your Oscar Juicer as these will damage your juicing screw/auger.
  • Switch the Oscar Juicer OFF before attempting to change any accessories.
  • Always unplug your Oscar Juicer before cleaning.
  • Do not attempt to repair your Oscar Juicer yourself by opening the motor base housing, as this will render your warranty null and void. Rather contact the shop where you purchased the Oscar Juicer from and they will advise you on how to proceed.

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