Making Onion Bread

with a dehydrator

Colleen’s Onion Bread - 3 tray recipe


3 Cup finely grated carrot
2 ¾ Medium sized onion - (White/ Red or a combo) Slice finely with a SpyraGyra spiral slicer
3 Tblsp date paste ( (about 6 small dates)
3 Tblsp Soya sauce or Tamari or Braggs
3 tsp dried Oregano or Marjoram
¾ tsp dried Basil
¾ tsp Garlic powder
¾ tsp Cayenne or more to taste
1 Generous cup Flax seed - Grind to a meal - 1¾ cup when ground
¾ tsp Whole or roughly ground sunflower seed


Mix all ingredients together and spread out onto either the Kuto solid sheet or a Non-Stick cloth.

Dehydrate for 2 hours at 50 degrees and a further 6 hours at 45 degrees or until bread is dry.
This is a bread so it will remain pliable and not hard like a cracker unless you dry it until crisp/