Sunny Tangy Coconut

Made with the Oscar Juicer

juice it, purée it, milk it, wet and dry grind it

Sunny Tangy Coconut


1 medium coconut ("meat" only)
2 large oranges
2 medium peaches


Process all ingredients in a juicer, stir and serve. Best served with ice cubes.

Did you know?

Mature coconut "meat" has high levels of fiber and oil which help it function like a probiotic. Probiotics are very beneficial for the digestive system because they feed the good bacteria in the intestines. Coconuts are highly nutritious, rich in fiber, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. The many health benefits of coconuts also include stabilising blood sugar and complete cell hydration.

Oranges are known to be one of the richest sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight diseases such as the common cold and flu. Due to the high water content and natural sugars, oranges hydrate your body while increasing your energy levels. They are rich in soluble fibre which lowers cholesterol, potassium which is good for the heart, dietary fibre which combats constipation. For the skin, the antioxidants in oranges protect the cells from damage keeping your skin young and fresh.

The bright colour in peaches is an excellent indicator of the antioxidants readily available in peaches. This is not their only benefit, peaches are also known to be a good source of potassium which the body needs for proper nerve and cellular function. Potassium also helps to maintain good electrolyte balance and regulate muscle growth and functioning.