Sprouts nature's powerhouse

The EasySprout sprouter is ideal for sprouting all kinds of seeds including your smaller seeds such as alfalfa and onion. Your sprouts are ready in 3-5 days. Due to the design the sprouts have the ability to grow without rinsing.  

The EasySprout sprouter includes:

  • A snap-on vented lid which is ideal for sprouting while on the go.
  • A snap-on non-vented lid.
  • A snap-on insert that goes into the inner container for smaller seeds.
  • Measuring cup.
  • The inner container has a sturdy design which supports proper ventilation.
  Always put the inner container into the outer container when soaking, sprouting, storing and serving.
If sprouting smaller seeds such as alfalfa or onion, always put the insert so the seeds do not fall through.  
  The inner container rests above or level with the outer container. Both positions maintain air flow and retain moisture when used with the combination measuring cup . The solid lid provides a tighter seal of the Sprouter contents (for use when airflow isn't necessary or wanted.) With proper soaking, draining and warmth most viable seeds sprout rapidly. The process generates heat that results in the flow of fresh, humidified air that protects the sprouts from suffocation dehydration. And traditional problems (fermentation, mold formation or rotting of "dead" seeds) can be minimised or eliminated.
The measuring cup rests above the inner container. It permits air circulation yet retains moisture. With graduated markings, it can accurately measure fresh sprouts or most dry seeds as per the desired quantity.  
  To soak/rinse - cover seeds/sprouts with warm/tepid water. Lift out inner container to drain, empty the outer container & replace inner container. Sprouts do best if they are well-drained after soaking or rinsing.

Cleaning - Clean with a dish cloth in warm soapy water. To remove stains, fill with water and add a tablespoon of bleach.