Spyra-Gyra Spiral Slicer

How to prepare healthy vegetable noodles

How to assemble your Spyra-Gyra

  • Your Spyra-Gyra is supplied with 1 flat blade. This factory blade is factory fitted and should be in place for all processes.

Replacing the Flat Blade

  • Loosen the holding screws with a star screwdriver.
  • Remove the blade.
  • Refit the blade with the wide screw slot at the top, and the bend on the blade facing you.
  • Replace the screws and hand tighten.

Spyra-Gyra How To

Fitting a Serrated Blade

  • Loosen the thumbscrew on the right hand side of your spiral slicer.
  • Slide the blade into the slot next to the flat blade. The arrow should face upwards and serrated edge towards you.
  • Hand tighten the thumbscrew while holding the blade in place (from the back).

Spyra-Gyra How To

How to cut a vegetable

  • Cut both ends of the vegetable off. A good 90-degree angle creates the best fit into your Spyra-Gyra.
  • Push the fat end of the vegetable into the pipe blade end.
  • Still holding the vegetable, push the spikes of the rotating disk into the other end of your vegetable.
  • Place your left hand thumb onto the sticker labeled PUSH and simultaneously turn the handle clockwise.

How to clean your Spyra-Gyra

The Spyra-Gyra is easy to clean with a dishwashing cloth and mild detergent.

Note: The blades are sharp, handle with care.