Bemriner Mandoline Slicer

Bemriner Mandoline Slicer

Food preparation just got a whole lot easier with the Bemriner Mandolin slicer. no more spending tedious hours slaving in the kitchen in an attempt to prepare the perfect pie, salad or stir fry. You no longer have to worry about cutting yourself while tying to get the perfect slice. The Bemriner has all the features for cutting equal and even slices every single time. These features include:

  • A convenient hand guard that grips the food firmly and securely. The hand guard has just enough coverage to protect your hands, yet glides smoothly over your produce leaving wasted produce to a minimum
  • It offers a variety in slice thickness. You also have additional blades that can julienne as well
  • It offers convenient height adjustment
  • The Bemriner Mandoline Slicer is very safe and easy to use

Bemriner - How To

  • Insert desired blade into the blade slot and fasten the screws.
  • Place your slicer about 10cm away from you, on a flat surface.
  • With the handle hold the Bemriner mandoline slicer up at a 30 degree angle.
  • Place the produce on the mandoline Slicer and hold it down with the finger guard. (The finger guard should be placed crosswise on the slicer).
  • Slide the produce on the runway by pushing away from you.
  • Each time it passes the blade a slice is made.
  • Periodically remove the slices to make space for more.